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Change of name deed / deed poll


We can prepare quickly a change of name deed (also called a deed poll).


You may want to change your surname, or first name, or both. Perhaps you changed your name informally some years ago but now need some formal confirmation. This often happens when you want to renew your passport or make some other official application.


You may have lost a deed you signed in the past, or you signed it only once. They need to be signed twice. Once in your new and once in your old name.


Sometimes there is a mistake in the spelling of your name on your birth certificate. You can usually deal with this in two ways. You could change your name by deed. This is often the simplest way.   Otherwise, you could make a statutory declaration or affidavit to support an application to rectify your birth record.  See the next section about statutory declarations / affidavits.

Drafting statutory declarations and affidavits.


These can be used for many purposes. Any time you have to confirm facts, a declaration or affidavit is used. There is no standard form for this. Facts will be different in every case. We can draft your affidavit or statutory declaration from information and documents you provide.

Often these sworn statements are used for the UK, but they can be used abroad if they are notarised. This costs a little extra.

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