What is legalisation?

What is an Apostille?

What does FCO mean?

After I have witnessed/notarised your documents, many countries want the government to confirm that my signature is genuine. This is done by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (the FCO). They check my signature and attach a certificate called an 'Apostille'. It confirms that the document has been signed by me and that I am a Notary. The Apostille is a legalisation procedure agreed by many countries under the Hague Convention.


There are 2 main options for legalisation at the FCO:

1. Do it yourself: After I llegalise the document i hand it back to you and you make an application in person using the detials on the FCO website.

2. Agency Legalisation: After I legalise the document you leave it with me and I arrange for my agent to obatin an Apostille which can either be returned to  my office for collection, posted to you or sent on abroad if required.

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