Peter Mantell qualified as a notary public in 2012 and has worked in this professions continuously since that time.


Peter offers notarial services by appointment in all three Anthony Gold offices to both the general public and Anthony Gold clients.  His work includes certifying and witnessing documents for use in all foreign jurisdictions as well as some specialist professional witness work in England and Wales.


As a  notary public, Peter is separately qualified and regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  His notarial work is completely separate from his work as a solicitor and from Anthony Gold Solicitors. 


Notarial Services include:


  • Witnessing Documents for use in other jurisdictions including foreign affidavits and Statutory Declaration.

  • Carrying out identification for clients who need to provide their identity to a non-UK based entity such as a bank or insurance company.

  • Certifying facts for use abroad including proof of life for foreign pension funds and statements of law for use in court proceedings

  • Certifying company documents to satisfy regulators in other jurisdictions.

  • Verifying UK documents such as qualifications, birth, marriage and death certificates which need to be entered into evidence or relied upon by foreign courts and professional bodies.


Peter can usually offer an appointment on short notice, depending upon which office you wish to use.  He can also attend clients out of the office for an additional fee.

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